Friday, February 10, 2012

See Me In 2012

There is a chance I might be back in Arizona in late 2012 for a brief stay. It is not confirmed, but possible. I have wanted to make a return to Pheonix for a while now, but have constantly been sidetracked.

In the meantime I am still managing regularly in Ohio at age 53 for MCW. They have info at  Here I manage under my real name.

On other places I will be doing my better known Time Traveler role. This includes a new promotion set to start in the summer in the Cambridge (Ohio) area. I also intend on some Cleveland area shows.

Possible spot shows come summer and fall in Pennsylvania, North Carolina,  Tennessee, Iowa,  Michigan, Indiana and Wisconsin as well.  This, however, remains to be seen as in Indy wrestling things seldom pan out as planned.

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