Friday, February 24, 2012

Gargoyles Night Club

Gargoyles Night Club in Tucson was one of the places where promoter Ron Sutherland held varied shows in the 1990s, prior to the place closing down, which ended the wrestling there. For a time though, they had some hectic hardcore matches and generated quite a bit of press. The big Phoenix New Times even did a feature on them.

Sutherland headlined several of his cards as Section 8.

Others who appeared at this venue include CC Starr, Dave Garcia, The Klansman, Bladerunner, The Navajo Warrior, Billy Scream, Lance Ferraro, The Time Traveler (my favorite), Rainbow, Morgan "Deathdealer"' Wormwood, Bonecrusher and others.

One of the wildest of matches seen there was a Texas Tornado Match with all four men in the ring. partners Lance Ferrarro and Bladerunner took on the unlikely pairing of Section 8 with rival, The Time Traveler, in a match with weapons cluttered all over the place. In the end Traveler and Ferrarro turned on their respective partners, made a tag team of their own and destroyed their original associates.

The Klansman was undoubtedly the top villain for this promotion. A masked man who made his political and racial views quiet obvious, while claiming to be from the fictional Burning, Mississippi, he provoked the crowd to a near riot on more than one evening.

One particular match he had with The Navajo Warrior stands out as a classic.

A local talent and Sutherland protege, Billy Scream, also provoked to be loved by the fans. Though big and somewhat clumsy, he did much with what ability he had. The fans supported him with a fever pitch and thus his shortcomings were overlooked..

Not to be at a loss when Gargoyles closed, Sutherland simply took his show on the road and went to other venues. The same feuds continued with the same wrestlers.

The odd part about the Gargoyles shows was the matches were not held in a  ring, but in a cage, giving substance to the title of Rage In The Cage promotions.

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