Friday, February 24, 2012

Keep In Mind Those In Poor Health

Please keep in mind those who appeared in Arizona in the past w ho are having varied health issues. This is just a collective listing and not goign into specifics for each individual, but they could definitely use some good vibes.

Red Bastien
Don Arnold
Tito Montez
David Rose
Pedro El Grande
Len Rossi
Lex Lugar
Jay Strongbow
Moose Morowski
Count Billy Varga
Lumberjack 1
Gangsta Man
Morgan "Death Dealer" Wormwood
Barry Windham
Cowboy Claw
Cowboy Bob Ellis
Ken Lucas
Billy Graham
Luis Martinez (there have been rumors of his death, but not confirmed)
Tony Marino
Carlos El Malo
Sheik Abdul

Plus the grandson of Pistol Pete  is an infant fighting cancer......... .. ..

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