Monday, February 20, 2012

The Maestro

He calls himself The Stro now and from his base in North Carolina he works a number of independent shows per month, while taking an occasional acting spot or doing autograph signings at conventions. He has done some training of other wrestlers and has a variety of itnerests awau from the ring, including biblical studies, music and film. He is presently in a relationship with girl wrestler Kristy Kiss, He has a web page for himself, merchandise available; and a Face Book page.

Way back when, he passed through Arizona, but was never a regular there, being seen in Phoenix when WCW drifted into the area as part of their tour

Back then, he was known as The Maestro, much like today but with some slight variations. A wrestler who happened to think himself a psychotic composer. Okay, so Leopold he wasn't or Mozart. Well, mot
 exactly, but the role gained a lot of heat from the fans.

Thanks to his real life love of music, it was likewise easy to dive into the character. In truth he was not Rob (his real first name) playign a character, but Rob playing an extended version of himself.  

When he drifted through cactus country it was at the height of an elongated feud with the popular Norman   Smiley, who won most of the traveling encounters they had with each other.

As far as anyone knwos, eh has not been back since, but havign him on a card in the Phoenix or Tucson area would be a welcome change for any independent. he is available for bookings and reportedly reasonable.

I for one think he would be a draw out west. Many disagree with me, but I see a slight resemblance in the face to the late Ron Dupree, a name which would bring nightmares to older fans.

You can find loads of info on him by searching The Stro-Wrestler online or even communicate with him direct on his Web Page or Face Book link.

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