Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tor Johnson

Tor Johnson would best be known for his role as the lumbering lab assistant in Bride Of The Monster and as the police inspector turned into a  zombie in Plan 9 From Outer Space. In truth, he had parts in a number of films  prior r meeting Ed Wood and remained active after these two projects.

Johnson also did in fact wrestle, as implied in the Tim Burton film, Ed Wood, where another wrestler of similar style and look, George Steele, played him,

Johnson wrestled for several years as The Super Swedish Angel, as a mainstay in the California circuit.

Like many working the Hollywood, Los Angeles, San Diego offices, he also made an occasional trip into Arizona, though not with the consistency of others such as Mike Mazurki, Billy Varga and Warren  Bockwinkel from the same era.

Long after retirement form the ring and film, Johnson made the fan fest circuits, though he grew back his hair which he had shaved off beforehand and on occasion spouted a beard.

There is a fine bio, death notice and burial information for him at the page,

Outside the ring, Johnson was involved in a number of social and charitable functions,. He was a prominent member of the Masons and his ground level grave marker carries the  square and compass of the fraternity.

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