Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Attakullakulla Going Strong

Rod Blair, otherwise known as Chief Attakullakulla, taking his name form an obscure, but real life warrior who sided with the French in the French/Indian Wars against the colonies, is still going strong around the USA at the age of 50. He has also become a big draw in Puerto Rico, where he makes frequent trips. The characteristic pink Mohawk, the war paint and the brawling style have become quite popular with many fans.

Attakullakulla had a run in Arizona early in his career, where he appeared on the weekly Phoenix card sin the late 1980s, facing the likes of Thrillseeker Terry Zeller, Caballero Rojo, David Rose Eddie Lopez and The Special Forces.

How long he will continue on this trail is anyone's guess, though he has indicated he eventually wants to retire to Puerto Rico to open a tourist inn.

In the meantime, he continues to go strong, AS a recent Washington show in Tacoma saw him reunited with former manager, The Time Traveler, facing former Arizona opponent Ron Von Hess, who was known as Vic "Illustrated Man"Capone back then and later as Section 8.

Clearly an ageless wonder and true veteran of the profession, he is not slowing down at all.

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