Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Oriiginal Beautiful Bobby

While Beautiful Bobby Eaton has become accepted as the most well-known Beautiful Bobby, there was another Beautiful Bobby before him. This Bobby was a tall guy who was flamboyant in the ring, with a droll and dry voice in interviews as opposed to shouting and screaming, who could really work up a crowd.

Bobby reached his peak in the WWE/WWF, which called the WWWF back then, in the early 1970s, while managed by Abdullah Farouk/The Grand Wizard. While he was far better as a singles wrestler, he was also paired as a tag team with Blackjack Mulligan and the contrast in styles was not a true example of booking genius. They did not survive as long as expected as partners.

Bobby had exceptional matches with Pedro Morales, Jay Strongbow, Dom Denucci and others in the WWWF.

The last I heard, he was still alive and living in Ohio.

Earlier in his career, before the Beautiful Bobby creation came into being, this wrestler did make a trip to the west and had a handful of Arizona matches. At the time, he was relatively colorless and it did not stand out, losing most of his encounters in the late 1960s.

More likely than not, nobody watching back then would have expected him to rocket to main events by simply adding sunglasses, long, girlish  hair and a fancy selection of ring garb.

Critics probably thought the same decades before too, with a little known grappler known as George Wagner...who of course became Gorgeous George.

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