Sunday, August 9, 2015


Gillberg became famous as a spoof.

Originally a jobber under the name of Duane Gill, someone in the booking office decided if he shaved his head he would look like WCW phenomenon, Goldberg. Thus, a new character was born .

Gillberg made the same entrance as Goldberg, made the same faces as Goldberg and promptly, unlike Goldberg, got beat by everyone he faced. He even lost to women.

Yet, Gillberg got over with the fans. The satire was a hit and people actually did get into the character. It si safe to say it was so silly it was good.

Arizona fans and fans everywhere might still recall just how silly the routine was.

The angle lived beyond the WWF/WWE, as Gillberg did the routine for some time after his leaving the WWF  and working in Indy groups.

In these encounters, he was even given some wins.

Gillberg is depicted in this photo with Arizona Indy icons The Time Traveler & Rainbow.

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