Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Chris Markoff

A big, brawling man, Chris Markoff spent over two decades in pro wrestling. He was pushed big in Texas and California, but in these runs, oddly, never made it to Arizona.

Strangely, the only set of appearances Markoff ever had in Arizona wa sin the early 1980s, when  Gagne made his ill-fated attempt to take Phoenix away from the indies. The independents outlasted him.

These Phoenix showings were not reflective of Markoff''s long career, as he was nearing retirement at the time and simply appeared to be going through the motions on the undercard. He admittedly generated a good deal of heat as an evil Russian on the AWA cards,  but did not receive the push he saw in years gone by elsewhere.

Markoff also had a long Midwestern run, where he was utilized by The Sheik. Either as a single or  as a tag team partner with Killer Brooks, he was main eventing throughout Michigan and Ohio.  In this run, he feuded at length with Tony Marino and Fred Curry.

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