Saturday, August 15, 2015

Bull Curry

Though he had several runs in Texas, rather than the Midwest and Canada where he seems to be best remembered, Wild Bull Curry had only a handful of spot shows in Arizona. He did not work at either the Phoenix Madison Square Garden or  Tucson garden, but only spot shows on rare occasions. This is odd, for his violent style would have been perfect for the Arizona crowd.

Oddly enough, in one of his final Texas showings, three decades after his early years, he faced Arizona icon Eddie Sullivan in one of his farewell matches.

Curry is best known for his years with the Sheik in Detroit, where he had classic and bloody feuds with many people. He was known as a singles wrestler, both as heel and fan favorite, depending on his opponent/. His finish was usually done with a pair of brass knuckles.  He also teamed often in the baby face role, alongside his real-life son, Fred.

Midwestern feuds included programs with The Hell's Angels (aka The Comancheros in Az.), Rocky Johnson, The Sheik, Aztec Joe (Gypsy Joe), Tony Marino and Bobo Brazil.  

Curry died many years ago, but his son survived him and wrestled for many years afterward. Flying Fred Curry was the antithesis of his legendary father, appearing only as a good guy and never bad. He was known for dropkicks and a sleeper hold.

Fred likewise only had one Arizona appearance in his life, in Phoenix in the early 1970s when he and Terry Funk faced Kurt Von Hess and Karl Von Shotz.



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