Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bill Kirk

He was nicknamed "Mouse Ears" in the locker room because of a prominent set of the same jutting out from his head. This stocky little villain was no laughing matter to the fans, however, who hated him with a passion. Though he had been a fan favorite in his native Canada beforehand, he quickly showed a talent for bending the rules and bodies in the Phoenix area upon his arrival in 1971.

Kirk used a piledriver to win victory after victory over his opponents, including Al Madril, Nano Ortega and Kiko Torres.   He was then launched into a feud with Danny Kroffat, a fellow Canadian who was as popular with the fans as Kirk was hated.

In early 1972, both Kroffat and Kirk headed for greener pastures. Kroffat went to California and Kirk headed for Amarillo, where he became Bill Cody.

As Cody, Kirk didn't do so well in the win department. He was given many televised  matches and undercard contracts on house shows, but seldom won. Going back to a fan favorite's role, he was cheered but lost to a whole vast of Texas area villains such as Moose Morowski, Bobby Duncum, Massio Koma and Ciclon Negro

Oddly enough,. Cody/Kirk returned to Canada after that and continued to wrestle for many years. He even teamed regularly with his former enemy, Danny Kroffat.

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