Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Paul Harvey

No, this was not the famous radio personality.

This Paul Harvey started as a ring announcer under the promotion of Kurt Von Steiger in the 1970s, using his real name of Harvey Kramer. Somehow, he got the notion he could wrestle and started to train, though he was essentially horrible at it. The early days were rough on the renamed Paul Harvey. Jay Dillon choked him out in a bout and Nano Ortega broke his finger.

Trying to be a fan favorite was also a disaster as he was fat, ugly and out of shape.

It was said Mike Gordon was the one who suggested he become a villain.

Instant change.

The people started chanting "Crybaby Huey": at him as he did look like the cartoon duck of that name. He held his ears, he protested and he yelled. He capitalized on his mouth and ability to insult others rather than athletic talent. He cheated hi way through a string of victories and when he started  promoting on his own he infuriated the fans even more by placing himself in the main events.

He had some bloody feuds with David Rose, Gordon Darnell, John Shane and Al Madril. Other men he faced included Eddie Lopez, Tony Bernardo, Tony Hernandez and Benny Mendeblis.

In 1976 Harvey disappeared from Arizona, He came back in 1978 when Tito Montez was promoting and was propelled into a set of matches main eventing against Mr.Wrestling, who was old nemesis David Rose under a mask.

The feud ended right before an important cage match between the two, when Harvey was arrested in Durango, Colorado where he was evidently charged with some type of confidence scam.

The incident made the Phoenix papers and could nor be covered up.

What happened to Paul Harvey afterward is a mystery to all as he just dropped from sight.

So no one knows...the rest of the story....

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