Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tuba City

On the Navajo Indian Reservation, Tuba City was a hot bed for pro wrestling when any of a number of different people ran there. In the earlier days, promoters liked the location because they could avoid hassles from the State Athletic Commission as they had no jurisdiction on Federal land. When the commission stopped covering wrestling, promoters still ran there as it was a guaranteed draw.

Gator Wolf ran shows there. So did Navajo Frank, Tito Montez, Cowboy Bob Yuma, David Rose and others going back to Jim Londos.

During the past efw decades the local Community Center has housed most shows.

Others who wrestled on card in one place or another within Tuba City over the decades include JT Law, Maniac Mike Gordon, Tony Bernardi, Hercules Stevenson, Jody Arnold, Don Arnold,. Cowboy Bob Ellis, Cowboy Claw, Miss Champagne, CC Starr, John Ringer, Papago Inez, Barbara Starr, Phil Sapien, Danny Medina, David Mendez, Tony Hernandez, Tom Ramirez, Flama Roja, Nano Ortega, Kurt Von Steiger, Marilyn Bender, The Comancheros, Mildred Burke, Ali Pasha, Ray Gordon, Bobby Mayne (Jaggers), El Estudiante, Seiji Yamamoto, Yashinomi Fuji, Dr. Jerry Graham, Phil Melby, Rudy Navarro, Josie Navarro, Spike Jones, Buddy Rose, Paul Harvey, Bill Melby, Jimmy Valentine, Eddie Sullivan, Count Billy Varga, Jerry Woods, Kangaroo Karson, The Medics, The Assassins, Danny Snyder, The Colorado Kid, Wally Steele, Gentleman Jerry Miller, Don Vitelli, Road Angel, Bronco Lazar, Eddie Lopez, The Golden Eagle, Bull Montana, Dirty Dick Raines, The Warlock, Ali Bey, George Drake, Ricky Waldo, Ricky Romero, Juan Garcia, Abdul Sabul, Johnny Mann, Bambi Ball, Tona Tomah, Charlie Carr, John Shane. The Monroes, Don Kent, Pancho Pico, Eduardo Lynch, Bobby Pico, Gorgeous George Jr.,Chuck Golden, Fishman, The Gunslingers, The Mask, Gorilla Ramos, Chief Golden Hawk, Crazy Horse, Killer Kane, Ron Pritchard,  Jack Frisco, Bobo Brazil, The Great  Gonzalez, The Strangler, Kenny Mayne, Stan Steinke, Karl Von Brock, Hans Steiner, Dizzy Davis, Johnny Kostas, Flama Negra, The Mortician, Flama Azul, Chuck Karbo, Chuck Hondo, Freddie Gomez, The Masked  Beauties, Lady Angel, Bestia 666, Galgatha, Carlos El Malo, Jimmy Kent, The  Mighty Jumbo, The Gorky Brothers, Tokyo Joe and Gordon Darnell.

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