Sunday, September 25, 2011

Papago Inez

Papago Inez or Princess Inez as she was sometimes known, was married for several years to Cowboy Bob Yuma, though they eventually split up. Yuma and Tito Montez both trained her, which led to her wrestling more like a man than your typical girl grappler.

In fact, she engaged in a number of Texas Death matches with rivals, Tanya Stevens and Barbara Starr, that were as wild as any fights between men.

Unlike some of her male counterparts who played a role, she was as she proclaimed, a full blooded Native  American.

Tanya Stevens, who was one rough customer in her own right, frequently listed Inez as one of her toughest opponents ever.

Aside from singles matches, Inez also appeared with frequency in mixed tag team matches, teaming with then husband Bob Yuma or with Tito Montez. Often, Maniac Mike Gordon and varied female partners by his side served as their challengers. Though she never had a one on one match against a man, most experts felt she would have been very good at it.

Inez died from a lung infection in 2004.

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