Monday, September 5, 2011

Under The Bed

Under The Boardwalk, I remember the song and on the same hand I would like to title this blog Under The Bed. I could picture myself rewriting the lyrics, but do not have the time to do so.

Two well-known wrestlers and I will not name them, had an interesting story to tell. One of the two related this to me.

It seems the pair was traveling by car as was done long ago, even with the big time. They stopped late at night at the only flea bag motel they could find and went in with the intention of simply sleeping and moving onward.

The place was an utter dump. The tv did not work, the faucet dripped, the toilet ran and everything was dirty/ Plus the room smelled. Too tired to complain, the wrestlers tried to sleep as best they could and tried to make a night of it.

The next morning before leaving, one of the wrestlers came up with a brainstorm for revenge.

"Hey, let's lift up the bed and shit under it," the one suggested.

The other agreed and so they lifted up the bed with the intention of shitting under it and putting it back down for the maid to have fits over.

As they did this, lifting the bed with the plan for dropping a log, when they realized to their horror...

Someone had done so already.

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