Monday, September 5, 2011

Tito Montez Versus Chuck Karbo

One can catch brief scenes of this feud by ordering 50 Years Of Arizona Wrestling 3 dvd.6 hour set at in which Ray Gordon is taking on Henry Pulusso, This 1968 footage then shows Chuck Karbo and John Shane running in to slam on Gordon, before Montez and Cowboy Bob Ellis  come to his aid. This of course would set up a series of six man tags and initiate just a bit more toward the existing Montez/Karbo feud.

Tito and Karbo started feuding in the early 1960s when the two of them, met in a  number of bloody matches in Phoenix and Tucson, as well as spot show towns. These matches likewise extended into tag team and six man tag team affairs with Tito, Frankie Cain and Pancho Pico facing Karbo, Don Kent and Jim Osborn in a  number of different combos.

By 1968, where the old tv tapes on the aforementioned dvd come from, Tito and Karbo were looked upon as natural enemies, like a cobra and a mongoose.They had already met throughout Arizona in a number of cage bouts, chain bouts and other brawls, with the advantage shifting and one or the other always bloody.

In his varied Arizona runs, Karbo had time to feud with others. Mr Kleen, Ricky Thompson, Johnny  Kostas, Tony Hernandez, Big Jim Wright, Phil Melby and Killer Kane would be some of them. Still, it would always come back to him facing Tito.

The last part of their feud came in 1973, when Tito was doing an interview in front of the ring on television prior to a Phoenix match and Karbo came charging out of nowhere. Grabbing Tito by the hair, he drove him headfirst into the ring post and casually walked away.

This of course brought about another series of matches that dragged on forever. Tito finally came out on top. Afterward, Karbo retired to run his bar in Casa Grande.

As of this writing, Tito is still alive in Oregon, though in his 80s Karbo reportedly died long ago, though no one seems to have an official date for his passing.

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