Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tales From The Rails

What does this book on railroading that i wanted to put out and did on Lulu have to do with wrestling? On the surface, not a Goddamned thing. You can order it though at

The book Si huge and thick, with a ton of railroading material. It covers museums, freight and passenger service, wrecks, rail shows, static displays, amusement park trains and a load of other things.

There is also a section on the train ride at Legend City, a defunct Wild West theme park in Phoenix, on the Tempe border.

The book mentions in this section how one of the train robbers who wad there every Saturday afternoon,  sticking up the train with his gun that shot blanks, was moonlighting wrestler Phil Melby.

Well, Melby always had this greed about him and a motto of doing anything for money.

In knowing what I knwo about him, I am surprised he didn't rob the trains for real.

In any case, if you are a train lover, buy the book. If you are a Melby or wrestling fan, buy it anyway, as like Melby, I do love money. Any sale contributes to my general happiness.

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