Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Los Companeros

Los Companeros came out of Mexicali, Mexico or sot hey claimed. They were two masked men who worked along the border in the 1970s and were only seen a handful of times in Arizona when the lucha libre promotions came in to run spot shows in Phoenix or Tucson.

The name of Comapenros means Companions or Friends and the two were anything but friendly. They were rudos or heels and as such, broke the rules at every opportunity,. Since they wore matching gear and masks, they would switch off when one or the other was injured, to the anger of the crowd. They were not true brawlers, but mingled a number of fancy lucha libre tactics with dirty tricks.

Both delivered magnificent dropkicks that could have put Fred Curry or Mil Mascaras to shame.

Whatever happened to them? Who knows! This is a mystery like asking whatever became of Judge Crater or Jimmy Hoffa. One day they just disappeared from the rosters.

Most likely they took off their hoods and continued under different names.

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