Monday, October 17, 2011

Adding Photos

I finally figured out how to add photos to blogs so within the next week I will be going back through some of the old ones. Several new blogs will also have photos, which will be a nice touch.

There are sadly not photos available foe everyone, but will do what I can. I also have a load of the people mentioned captured on negatives, but need to make prints of the same.

As of right now if time allows at least some of the blogs I plan to add photos to include Jack Ringer, John Ringer, Buddy Rogers, Maniac Mike Gordon, Tito Montez, Chris Kole, Don Arnold, Jody Arnold and a  load more.

So keep checking. Scan some of the past blogs from the past months and see what comes up

Future blogs in the months ahead, if all goes well, featuring Don Kent, As Charro, Charro Azteca, Baron Von Rashcke, Ken Lucas, Tony Hernandez, Steve Vega, David Rose and more will all have photos added.

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