Monday, October 24, 2011

Don Curtis

Don Curtis wrestled around the world as a single and teaming with Mark Lewin. After retirement he settle din Florida and sold real estate, passing away from a stroke a few years back He died in 2008 at the age of 80..

In 1957-1958, Curtis spent some time in Arizona, seeing action in Tucson, Yuma and Phoenix, as well as other locations.

Some of the notables he faced included Juan Humberto, Dory Funk Sr., Rip Rogers, El Diablo, Larry Henning and Bob Giegel just to name a few of his challengers.

More often than not, he prevailed with a sleeper hold.

Throughout his long career, Curtis was the subject of many magazine articles and write ups. A few of his interviews done after retirement may still be found by searching the net.

It was outside Arizona, however, that Curtis really came into the limelight along with Lewin as they faced Jerry and Eddie Graham in a lengthy, savage feud.

Curtis started pro wrestling in 1952 following an outstanding school career as an amateur wrestler and football player. Aside from the previously mentioned feuds, he had notable matches with the Fabulous Kangaroos, The Zebra Kid, Jim Wright, Tokyo Joe   and more. He wrestled in Japan, Canada and Australia as well as throughout the USA. For a time he also promoted wrestling at the Coliseum in Jacksonville, Florida.

He was born Donald Bestleman,. but legally changes his name to Don Curtis.

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