Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mundo Manuel

In 1972 Kurt & Karl Von Steiger with giving Johnny Kostas fits. Finally, after they injured Nano Ortega, Jerry Kozak and Ricky Thompson, a newcomer was brought in. Claiming to be a "cousin" of Johnny Kostas, he wore a mask and was supposedly unable to speak because of a childhood accident that tore out his tongue and left his face scarred like in Phantom Of The Opera. Edmundo "Mundo" Manuel was this introduced to Arizona,.

Uh, anyway...

Who really hid behind the mask has been lost to history, but the story sounded good.

Kostas and his "cousin:" had a number of wild matches with the Von Steigers at house shows, while on televised tapings, Mundo usually appeared in singles matches, beating  lesser villains from the time period such as Mitri, Rudy Navarro and The Vulture.

The feud ended when Karl Von Steiger left the area, leaving Johnny Kostas to feud with his old rival Jody Arnold instead, while Kurt went on to feud with Tito Montez.

Mundo Manuel vanished as suddenly as he arrived.

Who was behind that mask has been lost to history. Maybe someone reading this will know for sure, but as far as I have investigated, no one seems to know or remember. e might well have just been someone brought up from Nogales or a leftover from Ernie Muhammad's promotion, which was why he did not speak and wore the hood.

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