Monday, October 10, 2011

Rayo De Sonora

Based in Sonora, Mexico as his name suggested, Rayo De Sonora was a masked man out of the small town of Sana Ana or so he claimed, but became a major border town star. He was often seen in Nogales, Hermosillo, San Luis Rio Colorado and Agua Prieta in the main events, fighting a host of locals as well as top draws from the interior.

Several times, Rayo De Sonora formed a tag team with Rayo De Jalisco, another masked man and maximum star from Guadalajara.

A popular high flier, Rayo de Sonora used a number of sensational moves to dazzle his opponents. Dropkicks, leaps off the top rope, arm drags and other fancy moves stunned those he faced..

On rare occasions this grappler made it across the border into Arizona, but never made it a priority,. He was too big of a draw in the Nogales area to worry himself about other areas.

He did drift downward into the Mexican interior on occasion,  but again preferred to stick to his home base. He was especially popular in the late 1970s through the 1980s.

People he faced regularly n his long career, either in the USA, in Sonora or other parts of Mexico included The Twin Devils, Samurai, Carlos El Malo, Circulo Rojo, Centella Negra, Chanoc, Toro Sacorro, Indio Salvaje and Impactos 1&2.

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