Monday, October 10, 2011

Logger Larson

Born Ray Schilling in New York, thsi wrestler took the role of a jovial lumberjack in the form of Logger Larson. Though he was born in the east, he moved to the Seattle area and wrestled out of this home base for most of his life. Among his finishing holds were a bearhug and an airplane spin.

During the 1970s, Larson made various trips into Arizona. He was a regular for a time at the Phoenix Madison square Garden, as well as other venues in Tucson, Casa Grande, Goodyear, Prescott, Flagstaff and Yuma.

Though usually active in singles competition, Larson occasionally teamed with Tito Montez.

The main enemy Larson squared off with was Chuck Karbo and together they engaged in numerous bloody brawls. More often than not, there would never be a clean victor, as both men would continually be counted out for pounding each other in the stands. At times they fought all the way back to the locker room or into the street, which was food for drawing onlookers or causing an occasional car crash.

Larson also had a wild and bloody feud with Chris Colt and headed back to Washington after losing a  Loser Leave Town match to him.

Larson would eventually retire to a suburb of Olympia, Washington and would die in 2002 from natural causes.

There is a bio of him in the book, The Last Bell Call, ordered at and in The Garden Will Not Die at in book and e book forms.

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  1. I was married to him and am doing a scrapbook for his daughter. Do you have any pictures of him wrestling in Arizona as I was not with him then. If so would you be willing to send me some to