Friday, October 14, 2011

Weirdo-The DVD

This DVD was played mainly for laughs and designed to enhance my Time Traveler image as an absolute basket case. Intentionally made and marketed at Indy film fests as The Worst Film Ever (Weirdo si even  spelled wrong in the credits). The film consists of two hours of pure shit. Stock footage, strange music, dubbed in distractions and nonsense of every kind may be seen. The general idea was to have people watch and ask "What the hell was this?" afterward.

What no one counted on was rather than longing for bad press or reviews and count on the controversy to enhance sales via mail order or at film fests, nostalgia buffs ended up loving the thing. The stock footage was a hit.

In the opening scene I am doing dishes in the kitchen. I then look into the camera, plop a bowl of water over my head and announce, "Hello, I'm a weirdo. Do you have the courage to come into my head and see what's there?"

The camera then zooms into my eye and presumably into my head or thought process.

One is then treated to two hours of stock footage off old 8mm film, camcorder footage and studio stock.

To piss off the wrestling fans all the more, no wrestling clips are shown.

One gets treated to a drooling St. Bernard, Erie, B&O, Pennsylvania, C&NW and  Great Northern railroads, bullfighting scenes, dams, cemeteries, rivers, airports, the German Alps, Mother Gooseland amusement park, Disneyland, A Pan Am jet leaving Madrid's Barajas airport, garbage cans, a horse taking a crap, junked cars, court houses, water falls, parades, defunct theme parks, carnivals, puddles of water, snow storms and more, as essentially whatever DIDN'T make sense was put in.

Footage includes various sights in Akron, Ohio, Lisbon Portugal, Juarez, Mexico, Nogales, Mexico, Chagrin Falls, Ohio,  Dover, Ohio,. Glendale, Arizona, Canton, Ohio, Los Angeles, California, Berchtesgaden, Germany, Federal Way Washington, Tacoma, Washington, Whitehall, Wisconsin, New Philadelphia, Ohio, Glendale, Arizona, Niagara Falls, New York, North East, Pennsylvania, Omaha, Nebraska and St. Louis, Missouri just to name a handful of settings.

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