Sunday, October 23, 2011

As Charro

During the 1970s, As Charro was a popular drawing card in his native Mexico. Wearing masks with aces on them (the name translates loosely as Cowboy Ace) to emphasize his point, he was eagerly received by the public and considered a colorful grappler.

As Charro, like many of his countrymen, was used so often and kept so much in the limelight at home he did not consider making long trips to the USA.

When they attempted to bring lucha libre wrestling to Arizona during their short-lived 1979 run, the Coruna family booked him for some shows. The problem was most of the Phoenix audience had no idea who hew as or cared as they would have had he been booked in say Nogales, Tijuana or Guadalajara.  Through he gave great matches, the expenses to fly him in from Mexico City did not match what he pulled at the gate in Arizona.

Super Argo was intents on bringing As Charro back to Phoenix in the early 1980s when he attemtped to do lucha shows as well, but for whatever reason no financial agreement was reached.

As Charro never returned to Arizona after the 1970s.

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