Friday, October 14, 2011

The Satin Medic

The Satin Medic arrived in Arizona in the late spring of 1971. Whether he had cousins working as The Velvet Medic, The Polyester Medic or the Wool Medic somewhere is anyone's guess. Dressed in a gray and white outfit, with a matching mask (he had a small goatee beard of fake hair glued to the chin oft he hood to give him a mad scientist look), he also carried a medical bag and wore a stethoscope when he entered the ring. Coming from Puerto Rico, he gave bilingual interviews in English and Spanish, outraging the fans from the start. In the ring, he had a brutal, stomping style that further infuriated the spectators, but he rose rapidly in the ranks to receive a title shot for the Arizona crown held by Tito Montez.

The audience was stunned when The Satin medic won the belt. He cheated to do so and a rematch was set or the following Friday in front of a packed house.

Turnabout was fair play and Montez won the title back on equally controversial terms which resulted in yet another title defense for the third week in a row.

This time the two men pinned each other (remember, older fans, how Pedro Morales beat Ivan Koloff for the WWWF World title). The Medic managed to bridge slightly which drove Tito;s shoulders down and caused him to be counted out.

The crowd roared, thinking Montez has won, but when the referee raised The Satin Medic's hand, handed him the belt and the elated wretsler started jumping up and down on celebration, a near riot erupted.

 Montez never did win the belt back again from The Medic, but the feud continued. One of their most unusual encoutners was a hair vs mask match in which Tito bowed to have his head shaved if he lost and would take The Medic's mask if he won.

Montez won and pulled The Satin Medic's mask off, but no one saw what he looked like for he had the insight to cover his face with surgical tape. They got a look at his receding hairline beneath the hood and little else.

A Loser Leave Town match put an end to things, with Tito being vanquished monetarily.

It was Pancho Pico who would eventually tale the Arizona belt from The Satin Medic and send him packing in a Loser Leave Town match in turn.

During his Arizona run, the people The Satin Medic faced in varied cities  included Al Madril, Firpo Zybysco, Kiko Torres, Nano Ortega, Ben Justice and Danny Kroffat.

He would return several years later under a different hood as The Mask and again spread terror through Arizona rings in the early 1980s.

His real name was Ramon something or another.....

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