Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ike Williams

Ike Williams was a big African American wrestler who drifted into Arizona in the 1970s. In the tradition of Bobo Brazil, Armon Hussein and Ricky Thompson, he proved to be a charismatic and colorful performer.who always gad the crowd behind him.

Like many of his predecessors, he sued a headbutt to knock his opponents silly, though he also possessed a wicked bearhug.

The Warlock and The Ripper were two men he feuded with on a regular basis. Usually, he would beat one or the other outright or win on a disqualification when either of them interfered on the other's behalf.

Williams also had some pretty wild encounters with David & Buddy Rose, as well as Paul Harvey.

He only faced Jody Arnold on a handful of occasions, with the advantage shifting between these two powerhouses in their match ups.

Though he was never a long term face on the Arizona scene, he left his mark before leaving.

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