Sunday, October 23, 2011

Super Serial Killer

Ron Sutherland out of Tucson introduced some bizarre contributions to wrestling in the 1990s, such as his Rage In The Cage shows that consisted of nothing but hardcore brawls within a cage (the cage door was never  locked, continually allowing wrestlers to spill out into the aisle and brawl). He also trained a host of wrestlers for his cards.

One of them was his own monster heel, The Super Serial Killer.

As an obvious spoof of the horror movies of the past few decades such as Jason, Freddy and Michael Meyers, this wrestler acted like a total loco in the ring and of course embodied that hardcore brawling style Sutherland developed a taste for.

The Super Serial Killer had some big victories over the undercard people, then went into a feud with his mentor. In a hardcore match with loads of weapons in the ring, Sutherland prevailed, sending this psycho back down in the ranks to destroy the undercard crew again.

He even gained some magazine coverage and several sheet write ups. 

According to gossip, he retired due to injuries sustained during his short career. Too many wild brawls and too much "extreme" wrestling in too fast a time period.

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