Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lord Alfred Hayes

Lord Alfred Hayes was a major star in his native England before migrating to the USA.

It was in Texas that he received one of his biggest pushes in the early 1970s, feuding with Apache Gringo. The situation that kicked off their many grudge matches was bizarre. During a televised interview, Gringo,  who wore these bull horns on his head like an Indian medicine man, rushed the Englishman and more or less "gored him" in the abdomen.

Hayes returned to the cameras a few minutes later and proclaimed he had suffered only a flesh wound, but the feud was on.

Surprisingly, Lord Alfred had very few Arizona wrestling matches at the height of his career when he was at his peak. On occasion he was brought to Tucson or other locations by Rod Fenton and a handful of promoters to follow, but was never a regular,. Even more odd was the fact no one capitalized on his established feud with Apache Gringo, thorough tapes of the "goring" were shown on Pheonix and Tucson television,.

Kort Von Steiger brought Apache Gringo in when he was running an Arizona circuit, but did not take Hayes as part of the deal, booking Gringo to feud with Tito Montez instead.

After his retirement, Hayes did make varied Tucson and Phoenix trips with the WWF, but was always behind the scenes. Occasionally, he would do promotional appearances or autograph signings in the area, but again these events were rarities.

Lord Alfred passed away a few years back following a number of ailments. He is nonetheless remembered via WWE (WWF) DVDs in which with past shows, one hears him doing commentary or interviews. He has also been mentioned posthumously in varied wrestling books and there is a fan page on Face Book devoted to his memory.

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