Monday, October 10, 2011

Beauty Queen

Arizona has had its share of women wrestlers who claimed beauty but frankly had nothing of the kind.

There were The Masked Beauties in the 1960s. The question was, if they were so beautiful, why did they need to wear masks?

In the 1970s there was The Beautiful Bambi Ball.

"She didn't just have a face that would stop a clock," The Golden Eagle put it. "Ste had a face that would stop a Swiss watch."

Enter Beauty Queen (real name withheld by request).

Frankly again, in crude terms, she is sloppy, fat and ugly. She is the contradiction of the term beauty Queen and knows it,. Talk about using what the mainstream would see as flaws and turning it around for one's benefit!

After a brief run in Indiana and Ohio among Indies, she plans to head from the Midwest to New Mexico and after that, hopefully find action in Arizona/California.

"Midwestern winters are for shit," she commented recently. "I have had it. Now that I have a means to do so, I am getting the hell out of here. I hate the snow. I hate the ice. I'm done."

Proving she knwos about history, she added this tidbit.

"Decades ago the Detroit wrestlers often headed to Phoenix, Amarillo or Albuquerque for the winters. Me on the other hand...I'm different. I plant to stay. Look for example at the blog I am constantly reading in Az wrestling on here. It is filled with Michigan, Indiana and Ohio people who got sick of the snow and headed west. Guys I remember my father talking about. like  Don Kent, Sheik, Ben Justice, Bobo Brazil. They all headed westward toe scape the snow. So am I. Piss on the snow. Wild West here I come."

We will see how well this works out for her,.

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