Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Bounty Hunters

 Lance Ferraro and Chad something or another, I forget his last name, teamed up as The Bounty Hunters, Slash & Stab, in the early 1990s. Though everyone knew who they were from past matches and they chose not to wear mask under the new routine, they were received well. Sometimes they were cheered and sometimes they were booed, depending on their opponents in the lineup.

Whenever they faced popular wrestlers such as CC Starr and his varied tag team partners, they were jeered and insulted.

When they faced the likes of the hated Special Forces or Sergeant Schultz 1&2, they were cheered.

Dressed in cowboy hats and with long dusters, the two looked the part alright, like something from right out of For A Few Dollars More.

It wasn't a bad shtick to use.

For Ferraro the routine was something new, but a mere revamping of The Pale Riders that he had done with JT Law and Bull Zambrano beforehand.

CC Starr and momentarily reformed villain John Ringer also had some hectic matches with The Bounty Hunters, but the feud did not last long. Ringer went back to his cheating ways, which left CC looking for others to team with.

Thrillseeker Terry Zeller also had some outstanding singles matches with both Bounty Hunters when they were booked for one on one competition.

For whatever reason, both Chad and Lance continued to wrestle, but packed in the Bounty Hunter routine after a year or so, moving on to presumably bigger and better things.

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