Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Union Brotherhood

The Union Brotherhood had potential as a tag team, but did not last long.  The problem was they were two big guys who were more into amateur wrestling, being high school coaches on the east side of Phoenix, they didn't find a good deal of time to devote the pro ranks.

Known as Dino and Tank, rather than the more predictable Brother 1 or 2 as one would have thought they would have utilized, seemed a bit odd also.

Another problem was, according to some accounts, a conflict with other older wrestlers due to the attitudes these guys had as amateurs or "real" wrestlers. The older guys more likely than not, would have cleaned their clocks if provoked. The thing the pair didn't realize was in amateur wrestling the goal is to simply pin an opponent, but in pro "shooting" the goal is to truly hurt someone.

While the tag team had potential, they only stuck around for about a year at best, circa 1986.

They then faded into history.

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