Friday, October 28, 2011

Bobby Anderson

Bobby Anderson got into wrestling easier than anyone in the history of the profession if the story is true and not urban legend.

It seems Harvey Kramer/Paul Harvey picked him up hitchhiking on the way to a wrestling show he was promoting and being short on the card, asked if he wanted to wrestle. Thus, he was thrown into the ring and learned as he went along.

Whether true or not, Anderson became a decent wrestler.

Par for the course in either case, Kramer's booking left to be a little to be desired as he never could make up his mind as to whether or not Bobby Anderson was supposed to be a "cousin" or "brother' to Billy Anderson, a regional star being pushed by his office.

Anderson had some good matches with Mikko Mongol and Tony Bernardi. He also faced Kramer a handful of times, as well as The Warlock, The Ripper and the original Buddy Rose. 

Anderson retired in 1977, but made a brief comeback in the 1980s. After that he retired for good..

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