Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Brute Bemis

Ernest "Brute" Bemis was a stocky man with extremely powerful arms. In the 1950s, he had a long run in Arizona, facing the likes of Alberto Torres, Juan Garcia, Ray Torres, Rick Waldo, George Drake, Charro Azteca, Gory Guerrero and Bobby Pico. Extremely well-conditioned and strong, he used a number of power moves against his opponents, but also cheated to win when he felt he was losing the upper hand. Thus he lived up to his Brute nickname.

Though used often in singles competition, Bemis also teamed for a lengthy run with Don Arnold. A split up with he hated Arnold and subsequent feud with his ex-partner suddenly saw him being cheered.

By 1960, he moved onward.

Incredibly, he remained active into the early 1970s and did one final stint in Arizona at this time with the alias of Mr Kleen, this time wiping up the floor with the bad guys rather than being one of them as Brute Bemis.

His last big Arizona feud was a series of matches with Chuck Karbo.

Bemis then retired to New Mexico and worked as a fitness adviser. He passed away some time ago.

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