Friday, October 14, 2011

El Diablo

Various wrestlers donned masks to become Assassins, medics or El Diablo over the years, but the most famous El Diablo was one in the 1950s. It was actually popular Alex Medina in a role reversal to pick up some added money when there was a momentary short supply of wrestlers on Tucson and Yuma cards.

No one recognized Medina under the mask for the duration of his stint This was surprising. He was able to completely change his wrestling style and even those who might have suspected who really lurked beneath the hood were thrown off by this. The normally scientific Medina slugged, kicked and stomped through his varied opponents, while being careful not to speak for fear of his voice giving the routine away.

Sometimes, however, El Diablo would be cheered. He was like a chameleon who could be bad or good, depending where he was needed on that night's card. He faced both clean wrestling stars and rule breakers.

Some of his opponents were Juan Humberto, Don Curtis, Rip Hawk and Charro Azteca.

Eventually the role of El Diablo was no longer needed and the mask was removed, with the character being passed back into oblivion until someone else would revive it as a space-filler down the road. Medina went back to being himself in the ring, but would never truly achieve the greatness he hoped for.

A fatal heart attack at a relatively young age ended his dreams.

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