Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Lumberjacks

One of my favorite tag teams as I managed them from when I started in Arizona in 1979 until they retried int he 1990s.

Real life brothers Russ and David Walters started tow years before me in 1977 at the Phoenix Madison Square  Garden, after being trained by retried wrestler Boston Paul Vallen.

The Lumberjacks held the Western States Tag Team Title a number of times as they feuded with varied tag teams including Tito Montez & Cowboy Bob Yuma, David Rose & Pedro El Grande, Jody Arnold & Eddie Sullivan, Los Mexicanos, Mike Gordon & John Ringer, Special Forces, Mamba Inc., Danny Snyder and Indio  Youngblood  and several more.

The two wrestlers also appeared as singles with Lumberjack 1, the shorter and heavier of the two (Russ) having the best results. he held the singles version of the Western States title. He had a number of bloody matches with numerous opponents including David Rose, Jody Arnold, Masked Frankenstein, Bull Zambrano, Terry Zeller, Lance Farraro, The Black Mamba, Bonecrusher, .Ron Newstrome, Golden Henderson,. Tito Montez, JT Law, The Beast, Mike Contreras, Mr Murder, Ed Blair, Chuck Hondo  and Nick Salinas.

Both of the Lumberjacks are retired, but make it tot he annual old timer reunions every year in Phoenix.

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