Friday, October 28, 2011

Ken Lucas

Ken Lucas started out in Arizona in the late 1950s and was known as a rambunctious heel who produced a lot of heat. Either on his own or teaming with fellow rule breakers like Hans Steiner and Fidel Grimo, he was a great drawing card. He and Steiner held the Western States Tag Team title. for a spell, while feuding with Jerry Miller and Tito Montez.

The Mesa native virtually walked into wrestling by befriending a number of pros at a local YMCA workout room and learning from them. He picked things up quickly and this natural talent enabled him to go far.

Lucas eventually drifted into the Tennessee/Alabama/Florida area and stayed for years, feuding with all the top stars. Sometimes cheered and sometimes booed, some of the people he squared off with included Eddie Sullivan, Rip Tyler, The Gibsons, Armon Hussein, The Medics, Sweet Daddy Banks, Johnny Eagles and even Jerry Lawler, with whom he had a bloody feud.

Lucas likewise main-evented in Oklahoma, Texas and other states where again, he was recognized as a top hand.

Though Lucas could be a brawler of incredible capacity, he also knew and used scientific moves. He often finished his matches with a sleeper.

Lucas returned to Arizona in the 1980s and wrestled for varied promotions, facing Reggie Parks and others. He also had a brief stint doing AWA television tapes in Nevada.

By this time, Lucas was more focused on his business as a kiosk operator, going to fairs, festivals and happenings. He contended he made more money  as a hot dog vendor and it was a lot easier than getting slammed..

Lucas eventually moved to Pensacola, Florida and called it quits to wrestling.

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