Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Buddy Dixon

There was a Buddy Dixon out of Pennsylvania who was seen on the undercard in the WWF and other places in the early 1980s. If I recall right, he looked a little like Steve "Dr Death" Williams,. He was a stocky guy and more capable than many gave him credit for.

In Arizona  there was a Buddy Dixon too, who was active form 1976-178. He was NOT the same one seen in the WWF.

This  Dixon was not too muscular. He was a mouthy post-teen with long hair. His main quality was the grand ability to cry real tears whenever he lost a match. Being I never recall seeing him win, the tears flowed often.

Dixon's biggest push came in 1977, when he was seen at The Phoenix Madison Square Garden and other venues  feuding with David Rose. Again, he did nor win and the tears fell in Phoenix every Friday.

Dixon also teamed briefly with John Ringer and subsequently lost in these matches too. A series of losses in  varied locations to Rose and Cowboy Bob Yuma had the young villain wailing like a banshee.

There was one unique thing about Dixon I do recall, Instead of a face or neck claw, he used what he termed a "heart claw", applied to the side and supposedly intensifying to cut off blood to the heart unit his oppoennt went unconscious. He even wore this golden glove on his hand to emphasize what he planned to do.

The heart claw never helped him win a match, even if it sounded like a cool move.

Maybe his opponents didn't have hearts?????????????

In any case, it was an unending Crying Game for Dixon.

By 1979, he was done with wrestling.,

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