Monday, October 24, 2011

Woody Farmer

Woody Farmer was a powerhouse of a man, over big in the 1960s as a frequent tag team partner to Reggie Parks and on his own. He frequently used strong arm tactics to win his matches, such as a bear hug or his stomping headlock which was an offshoot of the famed Strangler Lewis finishing hold.

Farmer first showed up in Phoenix in the late 1960s as a rule breaker, but did a brief turn and teamed with former enemy Cowboy Bob Ellis to face The Comancheros and others. In the end, Farmer turned bad once more and double crossed his partner. This of course made for a whole new set of matches between Ellis and Farmer that were more intense than those before.

In 1976, Farmer was back in Phoenix and still breaking the rules, though in Texas and other parts of the USA he had been a fan favorite. This time he launched into a feud with Tito Montez that woudl span several different forms of match. They met in cage matches, strap matches and lumberjack matches, with Farmer always finding a way to escape and head for the hills when the going got rough. He even got out of the cage bout by climbing over the top and running (in Arizona you always pinned your man to win a cage match). Ar long last, Montez beat Farmer in a match where they were handcuffed together, which did not leave much room for action. In one of the dullest, though bloodiest matches in Phoenix history, Tito gained the win.

A few months later, Farmer ended up being cheered when his partner Jody Arnold turned on him, double crossing him as he had done to Bob Ellis a decade before.

This of course led into a series of matches with Arnold and Farmer facing each other.

The feud lasted until Farmer finally beat Arnold. He then went to California to focus on other business interests. For a time he also tried running wrestling in the Oakland area.

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