Friday, October 14, 2011

Eddie Dean

Eddie Dean drifted into Arizona in 1982 from North Carolina, after working varied Indies there. For the most part, he looked like a miniature Ric Flair. He had a lengthy run with the Barry Bernsten promotions in Phoenix and occasionally found bookings in surrounding states.        

While he physically looked like a shrunken down Flair, at least he had the foresight not to do a figure four or imitate his style. In regard to performance, he was recognized as a great technical wrestler, who was a little weak on the microphone at times, but still extremely popular with Arizona fans.

Among the people Dean feuded with were Golden Henderson and his manager Christopher (Bert Prentice), The Lumberjacks,. John Ringer and occasional imports from New Mexico, such as Danny Sanchez and Jack The Ripper.

Dean retired long ago and while he may never have hit the "big time" per se, did leave his mark among many smaller promotions around the USA.

Eventually figuring he was not getting enough bookings in the Phoenix area to sustain himself as he would like, he headed back southward and resumed wrestling for smaller groups there, which at least kept him busy.

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  1. Where is Eddie Dean now days?
    did he go back home to GA