Friday, October 14, 2011

Humorous Errors & Poor Wording

There have been some good ones come up in newspaper ads, on posters and  in gossip, such as The Phoenix Madison Square Garden becoming a warehouse called Arizona Jobber Supply. There have been better ones than that over the years, such as these....

1. Somewhere on the Utah/Arizona border a program mistakenly billed obscure Indy wrestlers Joey and Jimmy Christy as Christ and listed them as The Christ Brothers. I have no idea if it pulled in church people or not.

2. A California promotion coming into the Yuma area with Black Gordman, Raul Mata and the like had an embarrassing moment, when they bought an add for their card which included Don "Ripper" Savage. Though he was supposed to be listed as Savage on the ad, he was listed as "Sausage" by some moron in sales.

3. A card operated by Paavo Katonan at Graham Central Station in Phoenix saw programs distributed listing the weight of Eddie Sullivan as 22 pounds instead of 222.

4. Back to food. A New Times ad for one of the Barry Bernsten cards in Phoenix listed Lumberjack #1 or Lumberjack 1&2 as Flapjack #1 

5. Mysterious derivations of wrestling lingo cropped up now and again with a Kay Faben as a commissioner, a Mark Faban Jr. and a Mark Faibanne as magazine writers and a masked Roman Gladiator, who was named Marcus Kafabius.

6. The best of all, which again requires some familiarity with wrestling jargon, comes from a poster for a show in Casa Grande with Jody Arnold and Bobby Mayne (Jaggers) vs Tito Montez and Al Madril at the onset of winter in the early 1070s. Though this neck of the woods was no North Pole, the building must have been chilly, leading to repairs in the heating system. An ad on the posters proudly claimed WE NOW HAVE HEAT!

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