Monday, October 10, 2011

Circulo Rojo

Circulo Rojo, not to be confused with El Circulo who was a different wrestler, was seen both in the USA and in Mexico in the 1980s, though he was predominately a star in the Mexican interior. He was so hated as a heel or loved as a fan favorite depending on the situation or the opponent of the time, that American fans living in Yuma, Tucson or Douglas woudl cross over into places such as Nogales, San Luis Rio Colorado or Agua Prieta for the expressed purpose of watching him in action. Rather than waiting for a promoter to set up green cards, travel expenses and other details to use him in Arizona, the fans came to him instead.

For a time there was even a Circulo Rojo fan club located not in Mexico, but in Yuma, Arizona.

Circulo Rojo was a quick and agile wrestler, who could and would combine high-flying moves with brawling. During hsi rare ventures itno Arizona he was usually one of the bad guys and would infuriate the fans because he demonstrated his knowledge of holds and moves, but would simply resort to cheating when the advantage shifted against him.

Claiming he could not speak English when the referee caught him cheating was another absurdity and the people knew it.

In Mexico, on the other hand, he was almost always a fan favorite, though he had a heel run as well.

Enigmatic, unpredictable and outspoken, yet always entertaining, he was a moneymaker for many promoters along the border.

In the early 1990s he left the arena, took off his mask and retired.

I have no idea what became of him after that.

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  1. well now days he lives in san l;uis rio colorado and have a mechanic & machine shop also sere to the local firefighters Bomberos Rurales i wil not say his name but i know him well thx.