Thursday, December 1, 2011

From A Dark & Murky Place

From A Dark & Murky Place is another of my horror story combinations on Lulu, available in book and e book form. It is again nothing fancy, but provides some chills in a set of short horror stories all combined into one central theme like in those old Hammer horror movies, such as The House That Dripped Blood or The Uncanny.

You have vampires running a church and looking for recruits tot heir "faith" apart from the norm, a demon tattoo that comes to life, a haunted house, a man possessed by a dead Jack the Ripper type killer and my obligatory wrestling story, migrating between Ohio and Arizona which are my two favorite wrestling spots.

In The House With The Black Carpet, a supposed wrestler uses a line to pick up ring rats and lure them to his home, where he kills them. There is a reason for the black carpet.

Killer wrestlers in real life have sometimes gone beyond their nickname. Killer Kowalski, Killer Kane and Killer Brooks never killed anyone in the ring. However, a former carnival wrestler named Spinelli evidently did or at least had it done. Once she left the carnival circuits as a woman grappler, she started her own miniature mafia in California. She eventually went to the gas chamber. Look for a blog on her some other time.

My killer wrestler in this book is purely the work of fiction and base don no real life personality. He is, however, a total dick.

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