Thursday, December 1, 2011

Susan Green

Susan Green made various appearance sin Arizona in the 1970s, both when Kurt Von Steiger was running at the Immaculate Heart Gym in Phoenix and when The Sheik tried to move into Arizona in 1973.

Susan was never a regular in Arizona, as she operated out of South Carolina for years both for Moolah's booking system and later on her own. She spent much of her career down south, but also made it to Japan on a number of occasions and appeared all over the USA.

In Arizona and other places, Green usually feuded with a notorious rulebreaker named Paula Kaye, who fought quite frankly, like a man. Kaye would brawl, sue foreign objects and hit opponents with chairs when most of her female counterparts stuck to plain old wrestling.

In Arizona, as elsewhere, the Green vs Kaye match ups were spectacular in an era where most female matches were routine.

Green also teamed with Sandy Parker to feud with Donna Christanello and Lily Thomas on several occasions both in Arizona and elsewhere.

Upon her retirement from ring activity, she established a wrestling school to train other people.

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