Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mona Lisa

If the famous Mona Lisa painting would have come to life, the woman who wrestler briefly under this name in Phoenix in 1982 could have passed for her.

Hyped as a new female sensation, she did not last long in the actual ring. A couple of matches with The Angels Of darkness did her in.

I was not that she was untalented, but found promoter Barry Bernsten impossible to get along with, as did many during his run in Phoenix. Likewise, when she found out "student wrestlers" were not getting paid for their initial matches, she figured the wrestling world was not what she thought it was and took a hike, never to return.

After Bensten left the picture and other promoters came into being, she was seen in the audience on occasion, but kept a very low profile. Though she spoke of giving it a whirl under better working conditions, she always balked at the last minute and never stepped into the squared circle again.

This is a pity as she might have really gone someplace had she extended the effort and not become so jaded.

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