Saturday, December 31, 2011

Siete Vidas

Siete Vidas moved to Pheonix from Aguascalientes, Mexico in 1988 and lives there to this date, though he has long since retired.

During the early 1990s, this masked wrestler was a popular draw, feuding with The Black Mamba, Sergeant Shultz, Bronco Lazar  and Bonecrusher. A stocky individual who was not as prone to the fancy lucha moves as his smaller counterparts, he was more apt to brawling and doing solid feet on the ground wrestling.

Siete  and Black Mamba had a series of wild matches in Pheonix and environs, thought he feud was never pushed like it could have or should have been. More often than not, Mamba ended up winning which sent the people home mad and had them coming back for the rematch.

 In recent years, he has not been seen at matches, even as a spectator, but he has shown up at a couple of the annual old timer reunions held in Phoenix each January.

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