Thursday, December 8, 2011

J,J, Bear

J.J. Bear was a big bodybuilder from out of Scottsdale, Arizona who had the strength, the looks and the charisma to make it as a wretsler, though he only stuck around from 1986 to 1988. Trained  rather hastily in order to be thrown into he ring as soon as possible due to his size, he sometimes had a difficult time with the veterans.

A few of the wrestlers he faced in the Phoenix area included Eddie Sullivan, Tom Ramirez and The Grim Reaper.

One of the high points of his short career came in a main event tag team match in Sierra Vista, Arizona, where he and Reggie Parks took on Tony Hernandez and The Mongolian Stomper, scoring an important win.

Bear could have gone farther in wrestling, but received the lucrative opportunity of working in the oil industry in Alaska, so off he went.

Nothing more was heard of him in the ring.


  1. JJ Bear was 6'6" and weighed 348 pounds. Benched 622 and squared 780. Ran the 40 in 4.8 seconds. Still around. Last heard was benching 500 at age 60.

  2. He was an multi time All American and a world class thrower in track & field. He still competes and is world ranked still at age 61. He was the undefeated Colorado State arm wrestling champ 2 years in a row. With that power and 23 1/2" arms... I would guess so.