Friday, December 16, 2011

The New York Assassin

Dave Gordon lived in New Mexico, but took the name of the New York Assassin as this was where he was born. A big, bearded man with a powerful build, he was a magnificent heel, thoguh usually seen on  the undercard   when booked in Arizona. From 1981 to 1983, he saw varied matches in Phoenix and environs.

The New York Assassin had some turbulent matches with Cowboy Bob Yuma and Pedro El Grande for the Barry Bernsten promotion, He also received a shot at the US title as held by Jody Arnold, but failed to win.

Among his finisher holds were a flying elbow smash and a power slam.

The New York Assassin likewise worked for an Albuquerque based promotion operated by one Bob Dean, who wrestled as Farmer Jones.

Jones and the Assassin had some hectic matches in New Mexico,. The bearded villain also faced Cowboy Cook in a feud.

The Assassin stopped coming to Arizona when he felt he was not getting paid what he was worth, sticking to his New Mexico home base until finally retiring.

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