Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sweet Daddy Watts

This rotund black grappler might have been better fit for Sanford and Son or something than in the ring, as with his 400 pounds of girth and high=pitched voice it was somewhat hard to take him seriously. In the ring, in spite of his appearance, he generated a good deal of heat in Arizona in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Watts did one of the strangest "turns" in history when he came on the air on tv and asked Bearcat Wright how to apply his devastating claw hold. Wright, always the maniac in Arizona, clamped it down on him and poured the coal to it, which turned Watts againsr him.

The accusations the two made against each other on promos afterward were laughable, with Watts going as far as to say he followed Wright to South Phoenix and saw him taking part in a voodoo ritual.

Wright eventually vanquished Watts, who headed to the Kentucky area and resumed work as a heel. He continued to do so into the early 1980s, but after that no one seems sure what became of him.

Watts did have a good run in Arizona, on both sides of the fence, but never came back after his feud with Wright ended.

A short time after Watts was sent packing, Bearcat would also be sent on his way after losing a series of matches to Tito Montez. He would head southward himself and also show up in the Ohio area as a fan favorite working for varied offices there..

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