Friday, December 16, 2011

Wrestling Then & Now:The DVD

Dwayne Walker has produced a number of interesting features in the past, mainly emphasizing atheism and taking shots at religion. Ge did a number on the Catholics with Catholic School Girl Cat Fight, starring wrestler Bryan Walsh as a kinky priest. He did the same for the Evangelicals with Bible Madness making two street preachers look like hell.

Wrestling Then & Now takes a different approach. Aided by sheet writer, Evan Ginzburg, who operated the Wrestling Then & Now newsletter for over twenty years,. the DVD puts many of the people written about in is sheet on film.

Killer Kowalski, Mambo King and others appear, but for Arizona fans it would be more interesting to see retired great Don Arnold on the screen.

Arnold has been noted in numerous blogs already here. After all, he was a mainstay for two decades in Arizona facing Cowboy Bob Ellis, Tito Montez, Les Thatcher, Andre Drapp, Alberto Torres, Ramon Torres, Tony Hernandez, Luis Martinez, Les Thatcher, Phil Melby, Jim Wright. George Drake, Ian Campbell, Bruce Kirk, Gory Guerrero, Eddie Lopez, Frankie Cain, Jose Lothario, Frank Zomar, John Tolos, Armin Hussein, Billy Varga, Ted Christy, Pancho Pico, Ray McClarity, Bobby Pico, Gorgeous George, Bobby Graham, Rick Waldo, Lou Thesz, Dick Hutton and many more.

Sadly, Arnold says nothing about his many years in and out of Arizona, but speaks only of wrestling in general and his segments seem way too short. For his age, psychically he looks magnificent in his scenes. He would
have had to have been around 80 at the time. 

Still it is good to see him in this, which may well have been his last stand. Shortly afterward. he showed signs of Alzheimer which has since overrun him. As of now he is still alive, but plagued with memory loss most of the time.

In all, this is a DVD far different from the norm or the WWE fare. Worth owning.

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